French Mall Now Accepts Crypto: Adoption on the Rise!

French Mall Now Accepts Crypto: Adoption on the Rise!

• French real estate firm Apsys has signed a partnership with domestic crypto pay provider Lyzi.
• Customers of Apsys’s shopping malls will be able to pay with crypto at restaurants and outlets.
• This is the latest in a string of developments that suggest France may be embracing the use of crypto for payments.

French Real Estate Firm Signs Crypto Pay Deal

A French real estate firm, Apsys, has signed a partnership deal with domestic crypto pay provider, an indication that the European nation may be the next to embrace crypto-powered commerce. The agreement involves all of Apsys’s shopping malls – L’Heure Tranquille in Tours, Les Rives de l’Orne in Caen, Muse in Metz, and Steel in Saint-Étienne – where customers can now pay using crypto at their restaurants and outlets.

How Will It Work?

Customers will need to purchase digital gift cards from the Lyzi app. They will also receive loyalty points and cashback bonuses for using this method of payment. Finally, Lyzi technology converts the crypto gift cards into fiat through Point-of-Sale devices located around these stores.

Previous Indications Of Crypto Adoption In France

Apsys had previously signaled its intent to accept cryptocurrency payments when it announced its flagship Beaugrenelle Paris mall would start accepting payments via gift cards last year. The firm held giveaways involving around $550 worth of cryptoassets as part of its promotion scheme before installing a temporary pop up booth dedicated to cryptocurrency payments. Additionally, one major Parisian pharmacy began accepting payments this year while Burger King’s Paris branches launched mobile phone charging stations that take cryptocurrencies too.

Crypto Pay Gaining Momentum Across Europe

These developments in France follow similar ones across Europe – Black & White Burger’s Belgian arm recently partnered with Lyzi to allow customers to purchase exclusive burgers using 70 different cryptocurrencies .


The fact that more and more businesses are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies is a promising sign for further adoption on a wider scale – something which could revolutionize how we do business forever!

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